Inspectors Inc. Tour Bus Hits The Road With Graphics From Suncoast Wraps

Inspectors Inc. Tour Bus Hits The Road With Graphics From Suncoast Wraps

Inspectors Inc. Tour Bus Hits The Road With Rush Graphics From Suncoast Wraps

Inspectors Inc. is Southwest Florida’s #1 property inspection service and they are growing even larger.  The ownership inquired about a wrap for their tour bus they had recently purchased for large inspection services.  Behind schedule, they asked us for quick turnaround, they needed to have the bus on the road in less than one week!   We love a good challenge and were able to accommodate their timeline without disrupting our current installation schedule.  Our designers were able to sit with the client and bring their design idea to life in less than an hour and had approval to print the same day. Tour Bus Wraps Graphics Installation Our installers were able to apply a flawless 3M wrap in less than one day too.  The entire project took less than one week including the weekend!

Our Wrap Passed The Inspector’s Inspection!

Even in rush situations, we don’t compromise quality.  From printing to installation, we new this wrap installation was going to be scrutinized and we were ready.  The inspectors looked over every square inch of wrap and couldn’t find a single installation concern and loved the high-resolution print quality.  Their inspection may have taken longer than the entire design process, but we passed with flying colors!   Our client was so impressed with the level of service they received, they have asked us to begin working on re-branding the rest of their fleet vehicles to match the new look.

Wraps For Buses, RV’s, Semi Trailers and Containers

Suncoast Wraps provides wraps for all types of vehicles from passenger vehicles to the largest commercial vehicles on the road.  All of our wraps are installed by certified installers and are backed by the 3M MCS Warranty.  We are the premier choice in fleet wraps offering nationwide sales and installations.

Call us at 1-877-949-9727 for a free estimate or Email Us for more information about fleet vehicle wraps.


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