The All New 2015 Ford Transit

The All New 2015 Ford Transit

The 2015 Ford Transit – The Perfect Fleet Vehicle!

The 2015 Ford Transit Connect has had so much research and development put into it that it is ready for any type of job or application. This van can be configured in many different ways including as a cargo van or as a 8, 10, 12, or even 15 passenger van. It is offered with 3 different engine options, 3 different roof heights, and also 3 different lengths! With this many configurations, this vehicle can be ordered as the perfect vehicle to match the exact needs of your business.


 Carry cargo – and lots of it!

  • Three van/wagon roof heights available: low, medium, high
  • Choose cargo load floor length and floor-to-roof height for the box size needed
  • Cargo van volumes from 246.7 cu. ft. (130-in. regular wheelbase with low roof) to 487.3 cu. ft. (148-in. long wheelbase/extended body and high roof)
  • Wagon with high roof accommodating a passenger standing 6 ft. 5 in.


Three body lengths, each offering unique volume and payload capability!


  • 130-in. Regular wheelbase
  • 148- in. Long wheelbase
  • 148-in. Long wheelbase with extended body.


With a variety as complex as this it is difficult for most wrap providers to fit a wrap perfectly to your unique Ford Transit. Suncoast Wraps has each individual layout and is capable of scaling your graphics on 3M material to fit the Ford Transit Connect of your choice. A perfect fleet vehicle such as this is a wonderful canvas to wrap because it is the perfect rolling billboard. Eye-catching design, top of the line 3M materials, and certified installation is what Suncoast takes pride in.

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