Ocean Pool Services-Fleet Wrap

Ocean Pool Services-Fleet Wrap

Ocean Pool Services-Fleet Wrap

Customer Spotlight

Eye catching graphics and a clear cut message is exactly what Ocean Pool Services needed to get extra awareness for their business. The color contrast with the aqua blue background makes the letters easy to read and the truck pop enough to stand out from the crowd. A concise wrap with the company name, services, and a call to action keeps the consumer focused on the important and crucial information unlike many wraps with too much clutter. This partial wrap allows Ocean Pool Services to look professional as well as increase consumer marketing in the perfect straightforward approach.


Speaking of professional, another aspect vehicle wraps touch on is safety. Think about calling a company to come clean your pool, repair an appliance, mow your lawn, etc. You are inviting this person to your home and around your family. Would you feel more comfortable seeing a man pull up in an unmarked car with a removable magnet, or something more permanent and professional like a vehicle wrap? The professionalism of your vehicle advertising conveys to the customer a sense of your business as a whole. The old adage tells us not to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately however, your customers will form a perception based on the appearance of your vehicle before you ever make it to the door. In short, proper vehicle graphics enhance the customer’s overall opinion of your business; its size, level of professionalism, quality of goods/services, attention to detail, and yes, even comfort level with your personnel.

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Ocean pool truck wrap rear

Ocean pool Services truck wrap (Side)

Ocean Pool Truck wrap front

Ocean Pool Services Truck wrap (front)

Ocean pool Services truck wrap rear

Ocean pool Services truck wrap (rear)

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