Marine Wraps – Stopping Boat Thefts

Marine Wraps – Stopping Boat Thefts

Marine Wraps

Stopping Boat Thefts

Summer is the season for boat thieves.

Boats are being stolen in Florida at a alarming rate that is steadily increasing. They disappear from backyards, storage facilities, marinas, and private docks.

Applying a 3M Marine Wrap to your vessel will decrease the ambiguity of your boat, ultimately reducing the likelihood of theft. Knowing that a vessel has either a name or graphic that is eye-catching will make a potential thief think twice in that the graphics would probably be recognized by others.

It is actually cheaper to do marine wrap than to properly repaint your boat. Suncoast Wraps will personalize your vessel with a colorful and attractive wrap design that will last for years to come.

Suncoast Wraps uses 3M Marine Wrap Material which has been formulated specifically to withstand Florida’s harsh saltwater and direct sunlight exposure.

Don’t wait until it is too late and someone else has their hands on your steering wheel!

Call today to start designing a name for your vessel or begin creating a dynamic wrap design.

Email or call for a free quote!

By: Cierra Shannon

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Boat theft protection

Boat theft protection

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